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CyberEvolution: Are You Game?
CyberEvolution: Are You Game?

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How many hours per week do you spend playing video games online?

CEVO was founded on the belief that competitive online gaming needs to evolve into a professional sport. To successfully achieve this mindset shift and gain support for its mission from the e-sports community, CEVO launched a revolutionary gaming tournament venue, which is designed to grant monetary rewards to winning participants while fostering mutually beneficial relationships between industry companies and gamers. CEVO aims to be the premier competitive online gaming venue by forming strategic relationships with its corporate partners and gaming participants, and via a proprietary interactive game management application.

CEVO spent several months developing a state-of-the-art proprietary interactive game management application, the CEVO Match Network (CMN), which enables the venue to transform online gaming and tournament play into a spectator sport. The CMN grabs server-side string code, translates that information, then sends it over an encrypted channel to a dedicated Web server, where it provides live, real-time game scores and statistics on each player and every team currently participating in a CEVO event.

CEVO also conducted extensive interviews with gamers, paying special attention to those active in the competitive e-sports community, to ensure a comprehensive design and operating model. In addition, CEVO assembled a team of talented professionals, counting several from S&P 500 companies, to support and manage key business operations for CEVO, including sales, marketing, programming, and public relations personnel.

CEVO is driving the advancement of competitive online gaming, proving to the e-sports community that it is no longer just a game. Today, via CEVO`s innovative model, online gaming is a professional sport capable of fair, just, and sportsman-like play.



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