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CyberEvolution: Are You Game?
CyberEvolution: Are You Game?

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 CEVO Staff

President /
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
As Chief Executive Officer, Charlie is in charge of overseeing business development, strategic corporate alliances, internal business practices, along with all staff members.

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
As Chief Technology Officer, Eric is in charge of overseeing all software application development, application implementation, and web development.

Vice President Marketing
With 12 years of experience, Jennifer is in charge of developing corporate strategic marketing campaigns and corporate events.

Vice President External Communications
With 10 years professional communications experience, Randy is responsible for strategically branding the organization to external publics and garnering sponsorships.

Operations Director
Justin is in charge of daily business operations and new business strategies.

Public Relations Director
Wayne is in charge of developing the monthly newsletter, and overseeing all publications created to cover CEVO, eSports, and immerging eSports trends.

Human Resources Director
Walter is in charge of developing and maintaining internal corporate policies and guidelines, along with the implementation and hiring of all officials that will support the games supported by CEVO.

CMN Technologies Developer
With over 20 years of coding experience in a multitude of languages, Mike is in charge of developing and maintaining the CEVO Match Network (CMN) and the future development of cheat detection technologies.

Legal Advisor
Davy is responsible for investigating legal issues involving CEVO and eSports while also providing legal counsel.

Graphics Artist
Justin is responsible for the development of all CYBER EVOLUTION artwork for media press releases.

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