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CyberEvolution: Are You Game?
CyberEvolution: Are You Game?

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CEVO was founded on the belief that competitive online gaming should evolve into a professional sport at the spectator level. To successfully achieve this mindset shift and gain support for its mission from the e-sports community, CEVO launched a revolutionary gaming tournament venue, CYBER EVOLUTION, which is designed to grant monetary rewards to winning participants while fostering mutually beneficial relationships between industry companies and gamers. CYBER EVOLUTION aims to be the premier competitive online gaming venue by forming strategic relationships with its corporate partners and gaming participants, and via a proprietary interactive game management application.

The CYBER EVOLUTION competition venue is the median between companies and end users (gamers), providing the ultimate platform for businesses to advertise, promote new and evolving technologies, as well as gain additional brand awareness with the gamers of today and tomorrow. On the same token, CYBER EVOLUTION offers end users a unique experience with an entirely new environment for competitive gaming that grants cash rewards and guarantees integrity of play.

CEVO LLC was founded on December 20th 2004, with the intention to transform competitive online gaming into a professional sport at the spectator level. To achieve this lofty goal cheating had to be eliminated, online game play had to be monitored, and the level of customer support had to be increased. To eliminate cheating and monitor game play, CEVO took the initiative and developed the first ever competitive game environment monitoring software called the CMN (CEVO Match Network). This application virtually links your client machine to our content servers during game play and constantly reports all pertinent information about the gaming environment on your client. Likewise CEVO transformed how the gamers perceived customer support by offering not only the tradition means of support through IRC, but now offering LIVE voice support over a VoIP solution. CEVO is about transforming online gaming, and awarding our gamers for their dedication and discipline. To date CEVO has awarded our gamers with over $40,000 in cash and prizes, and had over 10,000 unique users compete in our events.



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