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World Cyber Games (WCG) US and Canadian Regional Qualifiers

In June and July 2005, CEVO host a series of online Counter-Strike 1.6 tournaments, and a LAN center league where seven will advance to the Final event in the WCG National Finals in New York City. These qualifiers are free of charge, and players can choose to compete from home or from a LAN center.

The online Counter-Strike 1.6 regional tournaments will be broken into 4 regions, with each region having 2 tournaments lasting four days, beginning on a Wednesday and ending on a Sunday. The top four teams from these qualifiers will play in the USA final at the WCG National Finals in New York City.

The online LAN vs. LAN Counter-Strike 1.6 regional league is for teams seeking to compete in a physical and more social environment. The League will consist of 3 regions, each supporting 32 to 64 teams, and will be played during a nine week period, on Thursday evenings, beginning in June. The winner of each region will advance to the USA final in New York City.

Antares Digital Counter-Strike 1.6 All-Star Game

The Antares Digital. Counter-Strike All-Star Game took place Sunday October 30, 2005 at 7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST and boasted the top ten (five East, five West) Counter Strike players in North America as voted on by you the public. The Antares Digital. Counter-Strike All-Star game was a best two out of three format played out on de_inferno, de_dust2, and the tie breaker if necessary on de_train. Each player nominated to play in the Antares Digital. Counter-Strike All Star game received $100.00 dollars, and in addition the MVP of the All Star game as voted on by the various media agencies received a bonus $250.00.

Staff Wars Tournament

CEVO in conjunction with compLexity and TsN ran the first Staff Wars Tournament that boasted the Staff of 32 different eSports organizations from the US and Europe.

The tournament administration was integrated through the CEVO website ( and included the use of the CMN Anti-Cheat software. Further, CEVO pledged a $1,000 cash prize.

Registration was free, but it was limited to eSports organizations with five or more staff members that will eligible to play. Only one team per organization can participate, and none of the players can be participating in CAL-Premier, CAL-Invite, or CEVO-Professional divisions.

For all of the fans, compLexity provided the full coverage by supplying scorebots, HLTV, and shoutcasting provided by coLCast.

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