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CyberEvolution: Are You Game?

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 CEVO Match Network

.CMN3 Client Files

.Client - CMN3 - [ DOWNLOAD ]

The CMN is a cheat-detection client that runs while competitors play their matches. Utilizing a variety of independent scanning methods, the CMN ensures legitimate and fair game play in all our events.

.Update - CMN3 - [ No Update At This Time ]

The latest CMN3 updated version. There is no need to download this file unless instructed by a CEVO Official.

.Server Configuration Files

.Counter-Strike v1.6 Server Configuration Files - [ Download ]

.Counter-Strike Source Server Configuration Files - [ Download ]

.Counter-Strike Source Server Side Plugin - [ Download ]

.Installing The CEVO Match Network (CMN3)

CMN Client Side Installation:

  • Download the CMN3 client side application
  • Double Click on the CMN3 installer and follow the directions
  • Once the CMN3 client has been installed, run the application
  • If the CMN3 Login screen appears, the CMN client has been sucessfully installed
  • If your CMN Login screen does not appear contact a CEVO Official via IRC at #

.Starting the CMN3 Client

Players must launch the CMN3 Client Application before playing in any CEVO sanctioned match.

  • Login to the CMN3 Client with your CEVO Username and Password
    • The same Username and Password you created when you first registered for the event
  • Your team match schedule will open
  • Select the match that needs to be played
  • With the selected match "highlighted" click on the Play Match button
  • Your "READY UP" Authentication window will now open
  • When you are READY to play the match, press the READY UP button
  • CEVO does suggest that teams wait until all players are present and ready before joining the server

.Known Issues And Bugs

  • Anti Aliasing and Autostropic filtering must be set to APPLICATION CONTROL in your video card settings. This is a know issue with Java and there is no work around.

  • If you need support please contact a CEVO Official on our irc channel #

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